Navratras Pooja will be held at our Temple and the programme for this year is as follows:

Saturday 1st October          8.15pm     Sthapana followed by Aarti and Langar and Dandiya

                                                          (Please note : Dandiya will finish by 11.30 pm)

Sunday 2nd October           8.30pm      Aarti followed by Langar

Monday 3rd October          8.30pm      Aarti followed by Langar

Tuesday 4th October          8.30pm     Aarti followed by Langar

Wednesday 5th October     8.30pm     Aarti followed by Langar

Thursday 6th October        8.30pm    Aarti followed by Langar

Friday 7th October             8.30pm     Aarti followed by Langar and Jagran

Saturday 8th October         6.00 -7.30pm Special Children programme

                                       8.30pm    Aarti followed by Langar

Sunday 9th October           11.00am   Durga Ashtami- Maha Havan

                                            Followed by Aarti, Nyaris Pooja and Langar.

                                          8.30pm     Aarti followed by Langar

Monday 10th October        8.30pm     Aarti followed by Langar

To enable us to make proper arrangements, we request those keeping the fasts and wishing to take part in the feeding of the Nyaris to contact Mrs. Divya Sadhwani on tel: 54000164 Please note the deadline to give your names for performing Nyari puja is 7th October. All names must be provided by the deadline.

Those wishing to make donations towards this event can contact Mr. Chandru Vatvani at M.Marquez & Co. 72, Main Street. A donations box will also be placed near Mata’s Altar.

Langars will be prepared without garlic and onion.

All are welcome with families and friends. Please pass the word around.

Thank you.

Temple Committee